Her High Holy Days

What is a Turn of the Wheel on Earth?

Through Ariel


TurnoftheWheel_image1The whole of creation is a vast interpenetrating energetic web of connection. At a planetary level, this web is  made up of ley-lines which form the electrical meridians of our Mother Gaia’s body. These form an energetic grid pattern on the Earth. Where these “dragon lines or leylines” cross each other, there are formed “acupuncture points” on the Earth.. places where Her energy is amplified and where we can affect more change due to that amplification. At certain times of the seasonal cycles, these acupuncture points can be utilized to amplify healing and manifestation, because they are in coherent alignment with nature. This can be done by going to Sacred Sites that are on these ley-lines to experience that energy directly or can be held etherically in alignment with those energies, to offer healing for ourselves and our planet.

The most potent times of alignment are in synchrony with the Earth’s seasonal cycles. The four primary alignments and points for enacting balance are the four primary spokes of that wheel which are: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice. The mid-points between those points form an 8 spoked wheel of High Holy Days for our Mother Earth. Indiginous peoples throughout time have used these times to affect healing on all levels of being.

As the patriarchy made a new solar calendar which instead of using the natural calibration of lunar time with 13 moons per year, took the final moon and scattered the days randomly through the 12 month solar year. This set up the conditions for the  onset of scientific materialism and the loss of our connection to the Earth. As we in the west have become more and more alienated from a direct connection with our Mother Earth, these celebrations fell into disrepute and were put in a category of some “old-fashioned pagan” superstition. This could not be further from the truth! In the Mother, these 8 Turns of the Wheel, as they are called, are the most powerful days to impact healing both personal and collective and to empower our intentions and manifestations in natural alignment with Her seasons!

There are powerful reasons why it is essential that we get back into alignment with these natural feminine seasonal rhythms if we are to survive as a species. It is time to reclaim the Earth as our Mother and to honor and celebrate Her on these 8 Turns of the Wheel.  At a personal level, I have been celebrating these High Holy Days since I was in my 20’s, every Turn of this 8 spoked wheel, whether there was anyone who could see the value of celebrating these Holy Days with me or not. Mother impulsed me to know the value and importance of this act of honoring Her and I made that commitment to Her and have kept it up to now in my Cronedom. It is time that we remember Her and honor Her as our Mother…hat we reclaim the wounded feminine and honor the body of the Earth as sacred once again. I hope you will join us wherever you live in gathering in circles to honoring our Mother on these 8 potent times of year!


Blessed Be,