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As Earth is now entering a higher patterning and spiral of human evolution, one that honors the wisdom of male and females equally, it is time to bring forward the ancient-future ways of the Sacred Feminine to co-create in Unity Consciousness.

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart offers portals to experience the ways of the Divine Feminine through:

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Our Vision

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is dedicated to awakening the heart of humanity through the co-creation of a global spiritual community rooted in the values of the Sacred Feminine and the re-balancing of male and female energies on the planet.

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a sacred space to explore and to remember yourself in your natural essence as love, beauty and joy. You are invited to play in this space that is dedicated to opening hearts to the unconditional Love of the Mother that is a pure gift of grace to you, and to all beings. You will find here a pathway for your soul curriculum and the opportunities to step into community and discover resources for your journey.

About Our Founder, Ariel Spilsbury

As I was growing up, I always had different interests, gifts, sensitivities and priorities than most of my friends. Though I looked like the other kids, I always felt like the movie character Powder. I longed for something insubstantial, un-namable. I felt like something essential was missing in my life, but I couldn’t put my finger on what that could be. I had very unusual sensitivities with sound and color. I could see energy and feel what other people were feeling. These “gifts” were considered to be a cause for concern in my parents who instead of seeing these special abilities as “gifts,” thought they indicated a trip to the psychologist. It wasn’t long before my gifts went underground.

I continued to have a rich inner life, but became more and more reclusive as no one else seems to find what I did, real or valuable. This process went on into my teens until the peer pressure against my apparent differences became so great, that I finally capitulated and began to sadly repress who I truly was, to try to become like everyone else in what felt like an effort to simply survive. By my late teens I became very depressed because I had lost the thread of who I authentically was, that would have steered me in directions that would have served my evolution. I became very solitary and sad.

Finally, in a gift of grace, (or perhaps as scheduled at a soul level), I met an older woman in a University class who turned out to be a spiritual mentor and guide that reawakened me to my true nature as a priestess of the Goddess. She came as a total blessing in my life when I was in the midst of deep despair and forgetting. She died shortly thereafter, but the door to remembrance had been opened.

When I was a young girl, no one was talking about priestesses or the Goddess. It was considered blasphemous. I longed for a priestess school where I could go to learn and remember what was important to my heart, my skills in sacred work for the Goddess. Needless to say, no such school existed. As it was, it took years of patient meditation, prayer, research and voluminous reading, teaching and sharing to come to be in the position in which I now sit, as a priestess of the Goddess. I have scribed a manuscript for the Goddess called The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddesses’ Mysteries which is a guidebook for direct, mystical initiation into the Female Mysteries. It embodies an on-going curriculum for an Avalon priest/ess school.

I am seventy years old this year. In Mayan terms, that means I have made it a full round (plus ten years) around the sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, and ma was finally thus “prepared” to have had enough life experience to actually “teach” and share my journey. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart has been born out of this journey.

You are welcome, beloved, into this sacred space of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart. Here you can discover your unique expression of the Divine Feminine, your essence, meet like-hearted sisters and brothers in a community of love and service, and step ever more deeply into your soul path curriculum in the 13 Moon Mystery School.

The longing I had as a young girl is realized here for all beings! You are not alone. Together we remember and together, we open our hearts to Love and through that raise the vibration for the collective ONE!